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Guide to MyDinos for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

MyDinos is a new game for the iOS on the GREE network. This game is something of a hybrid between Dragon Story and Pokemon, in that you can hatch eggs and place them in habitats, and then later breed them to create new dinosaurs; however, you can also battle dynamal against dynamal, just like a Pokemon battle, and choose from which attack you want to use, and even catch other Dynamals so that you can hatch their eggs later on in your ranch. Read on for some tips and tricks for MyDinos for iOS!

The more you wear a monster down in battle, the more likely that you will be to catch it when you toss a capture egg out. When in doubt, especially against a rare Dynamal, lower its hp as close to 1 as possible before sending out the capture egg. Some of your Dynamals might be too strong to do this with, so keep at least one weaker one in your party so that you can lower the wild dynamal’s hp as low as possible before tossing the egg, especially if it is a rare one.

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You can even buy an egg in the hatchery using regular coins, if you are having trouble finding the monster that the egg corresponds to when you are on the battlefield. In most cases, you can buy the dynamal egg without having to spend any of your hard earned diamonds, although if you do spend diamonds, that’s when you get the more powerful monsters, as opposed to just the common ones.

To get the most coins possible, have the most monster habitats possible, and evolve the monsters as soon as you can in order to not only power them up, but to get them earning more coins for you in their habitat so that you can collect the full amount more frequently. In addition, you will also get to the higher amount more quickly when you have more monsters in your habitats, so hatch as many monsters as possible so that you can (big surprise) hatch more dynamals with the money that you make.