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Guide to CityLand for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

CityLand is a new city building game for the iPhone and other iOS devices on the Mobage network. In this game the goals are simple, and the execution is fun. Build homes to house your residents, and build businesses to give them something to do and somewhere to spend their money. And of course, build farm plots so that they can produce goods, which the businesses can then use to supply more product. Read on for some tips and tricks for CityLand!

If you are running out of space in your city, start reducing the number of streets and organize your businesses around them. One square of street is sufficient to power your houses and businesses, even if it is not connected to any other streets, so get rid of some of your streets and then place houses next to them in order to make your city more space-efficient.

In addition, your farms don’t even need any streets next to them in order to operate, so don’t place them next to any streets. If you have already placed them next to streets, move them away from the street so that you have more room next to the street to build houses and businesses. Other buildings that aren’t farms or businesses, such as decorations or barns, can also be moved away from the streets.

Water towers, wind farms and other passive buildings don’t have to be next to the street in order to operate, either. They increase the amount of water capacity and the amount of energy capacity that you have in your city, whether they are next to a road or not.

When a robber pops up in one of your businesses, or a worm pops up in one of your farms, don’t bother spending any CityGold to get rid of them. The secondary option, the one that costs 200 CityCash, works almost every time, and each time that it works, you will get 1000 CityCash in return, meaning that you’re essentially guaranteed to make a profit when choosing this option.