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Dream City: Metropolis – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Dream City: Metropolis is a new city-building game for the iOS and Android platforms by Storm8 studios. Your goal in this game is to build houses and businesses to fill up your city with people and money, turning it into a thriving metropolis. You can earn coins and gems and unlock new land and points of interest. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dream City: Metropolis!

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Each business has five mastery stars that you can earn, and when you fill an order, you earn half of a star. Once you have all five stars, the business is mastered, and you don’t have to supply it with anything else ever again. It simply sits there and earns coins for you. Work on mastering your businesses as quickly as possible, and for more coins, build and master duplicate businesses so that they earn coins for you as well.

Houses add population to your city, so find room for them in order to increase the population enough to unlock a new upgrade to city hall. Once you have enough people to have a level 10 City Hall, you can start expanding out to points of interest. Points of interest will provide huge population increases without having to build more houses.

At first you will only be able to build houses and small businesses, but build enough of them and you will unlock the ability to purchase residential and commercial highrises, which have their own tab in the star menu. Each one requires a specific number of either houses or businesses in order to unlock, and once you do, these highrises will take the place of all of the houses or businesses, making your city more space-efficient.

If you are not sure what to do next in the game, go to the quests menu, the menu that looks like a pocketbook, to see what your next tasks are. Each task has its own specific rewards associated with it. Most of them will earn you coins when you complete them, but some of the quests will earn you diamonds instead.

Deliver orders in order to earn more permits to build businesses. Once you master a restaurant, for example, you will get a free permit. It can be a restaurant permit, a housing business permit, or any other type of permit. Permits are required in order to build more businesses, and mastery is required in order to earn more coins.