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Pokémon GO – Update News: Ditto is now live. Here’s how to catch Ditto and use it

Pokémon GO needs no introduction at this point. It rose to the top, and then took a gigantic crash back to normalcy. Niantic is on a quest to make Pokémon GO the top dog again, and the latest in that quest is the fact that Ditto is now live on Pokémon GO. You can catch Ditto, use it in gyms, and do things that are completely unique to only Ditto. Read on to find out how to get Ditto in Pokémon GO!

Catching Ditto is completely unlike catching any other Pokémon in the whole game. Ditto will not show up as Ditto – it will show up as another Pokémon. First, tap on the other Pokémon on the map screen, such as, most commonly, a Pidgey or Rattata. Then catch it. After the catch, the Pokémon will then transform into Ditto, starting with an “Oh?” animation as if an egg was hatching.

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Once that happens, you then get three Ditto candy just like with any other Pokémon, and you can have Ditto as your buddy for one candy every 3KM. The CP on a Ditto looks low, but it doesn’t really matter; take it to the gym and it will transform into whatever Pokémon you put it up against. It will take that Pokémon’s base CP, while retaining its own CP curve.

Each Ditto has the same moveset: Transform and Struggle. Transform is actually more of a placeholder than an actual move. Once a Ditto is used in a battle, it will automatically change into the Pokémon that you’re battling it against. It will stay as that Pokémon for the remainder of the battle unless you or the other battler runs away (depending on if the Ditto is the attacker or defender)

If you station a Ditto in a gym, it will do the same thing automatically whenever it’s challenged, turning into whatever is trotted out against it. If a Ditto is put out against a Ditto, they will not be able to do quick attacks against each other. Hold the screen and it will be able to use Struggle, though, doing minor amounts of damage against the other Ditto.

Ditto can appear in the wild as any other Pokémon, though it will most commonly be Pidgey or Rattata, or other commons for your area, whether that be a Paras or a Magikarp or a Goldeen. Right now, none of the three eggs are known to hatch Ditto, although it’s possible that Ditto could become a prize out of the 2K, 5K or 10K egg later on with a future update.