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Pokémon GO – Catch ’em all: Guide to finding and catching a large variety of Pokémon, page 2

If you are in a busy location, chances are likely that if there is a nearby Pokéstop, someone will have dropped a lure, because people like to drop lures where there is a crowd. When you get near a crowded area, especially downtown on the weekend, a church service or something, check the map for a place that already has had a lure dropped.

During the next update, Niantic has plans to add Pokémon trading to the game. Use trading to get rid of something that you can afford to get rid of, which another player might not have yet but wants, in exchange for one of their players. Use the “lure in a crowded place” strategy to draw more Pokémon GO players to a crowded location, so that you can try to trade with them.

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Keep a hefty array of Great Balls, Ultra Balls and Master Balls with you. You are going to need them as you gain experience levels because the higher your level, the more rare, epic and legendary Pokémon you’ll end up causing to show up.

When you come across a Pokémon that is hard to catch, drop a Razz Berry to get them to eat it, which will make them a little bit easier to catch. This will help if you get stuck facing a yellow, orange, or especially a red Pokémon and all you have are Poké balls, with no great balls, master balls or ultra balls to use on them.

Be sure to make room for more Pokémon. Nobody wants to keep 50 Pidgeys or Rattatas, so transfer them to Professor Elm when you don’t need them anymore. Once you do that, not only will you make space for some new (and rarer) ones to come around, but you will earn that Pokémon’s candy as well. That candy contributes to evolutions, of course, which expands both your Pokédex and your combat ability.

Check the “Nearby” menu and take a look at the footsteps next to the Pokémon. Three steps indicates that the Pokémon is close, but not TOO close. Two steps is closer. One step is very close. If they appear with no steps, then double tap the Pokémon in order to summon it.

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