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Pokémon GO – Catch ’em all: Guide to finding and catching a large variety of Pokémon

Pokémon GO is a new game where you go to real-life locations to catch Pokémon. All that you have to do is throw a Poké ball at a Pokémon, aim it just right and you’ll catch it. Tougher than it sounds, but that’s for another article. You have a large amount of Pokémon that you can catch, and they don’t just appear randomly. You actually have to use some strategy to find various Pokémon. Read on for a guide on finding a large variety of Pokémon in Pokémon GO!

First step to finding quite a few different Pokémon is to go away from where you started the game. The farther you are away, the more likely you are to find Pokémon, so if possible, start the game when you are away from your home, your work, or wherever. You may find more Pokémon that way.

Next, think about the location that you are at, because the game will pop up different elements of Pokémon depending on where. If you are near the water, you will find more water types. If you are near the grass, you will find more plant types. If you are near a fire or in a desert, you may find more fire types or rock types.

This also extends to various types of population centers. You’ll find different Pokémon in the city than in the country, or in the suburbs than you will in the city, and Pokémon will vary from city to city in general. You can find different kinds of Pokémon in different locations. Try storefronts, malls, skyscrapers and the like as well.

Play the game at different times of day. At night, Pokémon will come out that are known to be more of the nocturnal type, while the day ones sleep. During the day, the nocturnals will be a sleep while the usual daytime Pokémon will be out and about, roaming around.

Pick different places to use your Incense and your Lure Modules. Both of them work differently, but each one works for half an hour and will draw Pokémon to either your location or to a Pokéspot depending on which item you use. Make sure that you have half an hour to set aside first so that you can dedicate your time to catching these Pokémon.

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