Pokémon GO: Evolution Item Guide – How to get and use Metal Coats, Dragon Scales, Sun Stones, King’s Rock and Up-Grades

The latest update to Pokémon GO is live, and with it comes 80 new Pokemon from the Gold and Silver generations of the game. With that comes five special evolution items that you need for certain evolutions – the Metal Coat, Dragon Scale, Sun Stone, King’s Rock and Up-Grade. Each is needed for a specific […Read More]

Pokémon GO: Umbreon and Espeon cheats, and Nanab and Pinap Berry Guide

Pokémon GO has just seen its largest update to date, and part of that includes the addition of 80 new Pokémon. Two of these Pokémon are the Umbreon and Espeon, which are two new Eevee evolutions from the Gold and Silver generation of the game. Also added to the game are the Pinap and Nanab […Read More]

Pokémon GO – Update News: Ditto is now live. Here’s how to catch Ditto and use it

Pokémon GO needs no introduction at this point. It rose to the top, and then took a gigantic crash back to normalcy. Niantic is on a quest to make Pokémon GO the top dog again, and the latest in that quest is the fact that Ditto is now live on Pokémon GO. You can catch […Read More]

Pokémon GO – Account Reset Glitch Fix: How to recover your account data after the update

Pokémon GO has been hit with a massive setback, namely, that people’s data seems to have been reset, forcing them to start back over from the beginning, and causing avid players to lose three weeks worth of accumulated data and levels. If this is you, though, don’t worry, because your account information is still there, […Read More]

Pokémon GO – July 29 Update (version 0.31.0) – Here’s what’s changed and what you need to know

Pokémon GO has just received its biggest update so far. It’s slowly rolling out to the Android platform as of this moment, and within a few days it should show up on iOS (UPDATE: It’s now live on iOS). Much has changed in the game, such as move damage and Pokémon locations, as well as […Read More]

Pokémon GO – Top 22 Real Cheats, Easter Eggs and Tricks That Actually Work, Page 4

17) Want to make it real easy to get coins? Wait until the coin bonus countdown in the shop menu hits zero. Then instead of collecting it right away, go to an area with a lot of gyms. Beat Pokémon at all of the other team’s gyms and add your own Pokémon, or train your […Read More]

Pokémon GO – How to get free Pokécoins (Gold Coins), Page 2

You can go to the shop area at any time to see if the bonus is ready to collect. It will even show as ready even if you hold zero gyms; you just won’t be able to collect anything at that point. But that means that you will be able to immediately go and take […Read More]

Pokémon GO – Lure Module and Incense Guide – How to get more and how to use them

Pokémon GO’s two toughest items to find, arguably, are incense and lure modules, yet they are also two of the most important items that you can acquire in the entire game. Incense draws Pokémon to you, personally, and lure modules draw Pokémon to whatever Pokéstop you attach them to. But they are tough to get […Read More]

Pokémon GO – Top 22 Real Cheats, Easter Eggs and Tricks That Actually Work, Page 3

This is more than the given eleven cheats that the article started its existence with, but these new tips and tricks add a lot to what you can do in the game, and they have been proven and tested to work by loads of other Pokemon GO players as well as myself. Here are more […Read More]

Pokémon GO – Individual Value and Moves Guide – Secret Statistics, Explanations and Calculations, Page 2

While each move has a visible damage number, the speed of the move is arguably more important than the damage that it does. That’s because mixing the speed and the damage together, you get the DPS (Damage Per Second) of the move, which is the single defining statistic that determines the effectiveness of the move. […Read More]