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Pokémon GO: Evolution Item Guide – How to get and use Metal Coats, Dragon Scales, Sun Stones, King’s Rock and Up-Grades

The latest update to Pokémon GO is live, and with it comes 80 new Pokemon from the Gold and Silver generations of the game. With that comes five special evolution items that you need for certain evolutions – the Metal Coat, Dragon Scale, Sun Stone, King’s Rock and Up-Grade. Each is needed for a specific […Read More]

Pokémon GO – Account Reset Glitch Fix: How to recover your account data after the update

Pokémon GO has been hit with a massive setback, namely, that people’s data seems to have been reset, forcing them to start back over from the beginning, and causing avid players to lose three weeks worth of accumulated data and levels. If this is you, though, don’t worry, because your account information is still there, […Read More]