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Dragon Story: New Dawn for iOS: How to get free Gold and more coins

Dragon Story: New Dawn is a new psuedosequel to the original Dragon Story on the iOS… or more accurately, it’s a massively updated version of Dragon Story. This takes the original game and adds a whole lot of goodies such as more dragons, upgraded farms and new graphics. Like before, gold is the premium currency in the game, and coins are the primary currency. If you’re looking for info on how to get more of both, read on!

To get free gold in this game, there are occasional in-game missions that pop up that will give you gold as a reward. They don’t give too much, but what they do give you will add up over time. However, that’s not the best way to get free gold in this game.

The best way is actually to complete any missions that pop up that have to do with achieving something in a different game – for example, Home Design Story. It doesn’t immediately say that there is a reward in the quest menu, but there is one. Download the other game involved in the mission, do what you need to do in the other game, then go back to DS: New Dawn. The mission will be marked as complete, and a follow-up mission will pop up offering large amounts of gold as a reward, and it will be plentiful.

To maximize your gold, first of all, do NOT have any red habitats. Sure, you might need them initially for a mission, but when you are finished with any red habitats and dragons, sell them, take the loss, and then replace them with either a green habitat or any other habitat that you happen to unlock. Only keep them around if you want to breed plant dragon hybrids with them. Reason being, green habitats only hold a maximum of 250 coins, making it worthless to put dragons in them or to waste food on the dragons.

Whichever habitats that you end up with which earn you the highest max amount of gold, put your concentration into making those dragons the ones that you feed the most, and thus level up the highest, so that they can fill up those habitats with gold much more quickly.

The complete guide to Dragon Story: New Dawn!