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How to play Dragon Story: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide (page 1 of 2)

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Dragon Story, the newest TeamLava “Story” title for the iPhone and other iOS systems! This game lets you breed, raise and evolve your very own friendly dragons, which start off small and cute and end up big and intimidating, yet still as friendly as ever. You can even socially connect with other gamers who play the game. If you are brand new to this game, or even if you’re not but just want to figure a few things out, then read on, and let this guide help you with either goal!

Experience and currency

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The two forms of currency in this game are gold and coins. Gold is the premium currency and is used for all sorts of premium items that you cannot buy with coins, as well as finishing any job that takes time to complete, such as removing foliage or completing a building. Experience points enable you to gain levels in this game, which unlocks all sorts of new buildings, habitats and dragons for you to buy, as well as giving you extra bonus coins for every level that you gain.

Buildings, decorations, habitats, and other things that you can construct

Your main goal in the game, of course, is to own, breed and evolve dragons, but you need habitats in order to house your dragons. To get habitats, go to your menu button in the lower right corner of the game screen, tap it and then tap on “Habitats”. As you gain levels, you unlock more habitats. The menu also contains the buildings, decor, dragons, “featured” (premium items that you can only buy with gold), and expand options. The last one lets you add land to what you already have.

The care, feeding and raising of dragons

Your dragons are hatched by tapping on the Nest, which you begin the game with, and choosing what kind of dragon egg you want to buy. After the specified amount of time for that particular egg, you will be able to hatch a new dragon (or you can speed it up with gold). Tap the hatched egg and you will be prompted to either place it in a habitat that you already have, or buy a habitat if you don’t already have one.

Each dragon that you buy starts off at level 1, and earns a certain amount of coins per hour. Tap the habitat, tap the dragon and hit “info” to see how many this is, or to feed the dragon. Food is another form of psuedo-currency, and is acquired by farming. You can buy regular farms at first, and later on, you can buy “giant farms”, which allow you to grow far larger quantities of food at a time.

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