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Dragon Story: New Dawn for iOS: How to get more Mystic Maps

In Dragon Story: New Dawn, just as in the original Dragon Story, there are a ton of quests to complete and a ton of explorations to do. In order to accomplish this, you need a whole lot of coins with which to buy the expansions, but you don’t just need coins. You also need mystic maps in order to do an expansion, but they are extremely rare and hard to find unless you want to pay up in gold, but read on to find out how to easily get them without spending any gold!

The only way to get them without having to spend gold is by asking your friends for them. To do this, tap one of the Expand signs, and next to the Mystic Maps counter, tap on “ask friends”. If you have friends in the game (other than the computer controlled island that is everybody’s friend, of course), then they will send them to you.

If you don’t though, then you can add friends by adding people on Storm8, Facebook, Twitter, etc, but there’s an easy way to add more people in the game without having to bug people or search for IDs. Here’s a few tricks to make a lot of friends in the game.

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First, start going through island names in the “community” tab and add everybody whose name sounds like an actual online username and not a dragon island name. Especially add people who have one-word names. If they sound like gibberish or include numbers, even better. You’ll be able to add a lot of people this way.

Next, put your island name as your Storm8 name or as “add (storm8)” or something like that, then visit a ton of islands and play with the dragons there, and leave messages on people’s walls (especially on the walls of folks who have 3 or 4 hearts). You’re likely to get a LOT of adds this way.

Once people accept the invites (or you accept other people’s invites) and you have a whole bunch of friends, go back to the expand menu, and ask them all for Mystic Maps. They’ll send you more Mystic Maps than you know what to do with.


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