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Guide to Kingdom Rush for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Kingdom Rush is a brand new, smash hit tower defense game for the iPhone and iPad platforms. You’re in control of the forces who are trying to protect the kingdom from a rush of monsters, so your goal is to stop the monsters from getting into the kingdom by any means possible! You can build all kinds of towers to defend against monsters, from an archer tower to a mage tower to an artillery tower, and even upgrade them, as well as earning diamonds and stars along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kingdom Rush!

One of the best combinations of towers to use early on is to alternate barracks towers and artillery towers. The militia that gets sent out by the barracks towers will force enemy forces to stop and be held up, while the artillery towers will bombard and do area damage to the range of enemies that are getting held up. Use the reinforcements in a similar location to your militia rally point to do even more damage.

As you encounter more armored opponents, start changing the plan to alternate mage towers, barracks towers and artillery towers, so that the mage towers can pierce through enemy armor, allowing barracks and artillery to take them out much more easily.

Large enemies, such as ogres, pose a huge challenge to defeat, so make sure to stock up in the shop for some extra weapons with which to deal with them. Dynamite is cheap and effective, as is the Frozetov, but any of the weapons will work against tough enemies like that.

Use the gold that you rack up as the fight goes on to upgrade your artillery and magic towers in order to do large amounts of damage. In addition, to rack up stars, play every level in both the easy and normal modes, and you can get stars for both types of levels. Don’t bother upgrading your barracks, since the only point of having them is to slow enemies down so that they can be shot more easily by the other towers.

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