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Guide to Dollhouse Story for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Dollhouse Story is a new tower game for the iPhone and the iOS. In this game, your goal is to build not just a doll house, but a full on doll tower. You can build new residential rooms for your dolls, new places for them to work, and even give them pets, friends and jobs. Your goal is to match your dolls up perfectly with their dream jobs, pets, and friends, and to build as many stories, jobs and rooms as possible, so you can have the highest rated dollhouse and earn the most coins. Read on for tips and tricks for Dollhouse Story!

One of the more frustrating aspects of the game is the time period where you are waiting for a room to finish being built, or waiting for one of the residents of your tower to finish producing coins. You can speed it up and cut out the wait time, though, by setting the iPhone or iPad’s time ahead, and then going back to the game.

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For example, set it ahead by an hour if that’s how long you need to finish construction on a room, or by about the same amount of time anyways if that’s how long it takes the slowest coin producer to produce coins. Then go back to the game, collect from your dolls and open the room (if applicable), then go back to the time and set it back to normal.

The above trick is also a great way to avoid spending massive amounts of diamonds during the tutorial. The game prompts you to spend diamonds freely in the beginning, and if you do all of the spending that it asks you to, you will end up wasting nearly 10 diamonds total, but if you do this trick, then the only diamonds that you will really HAVE to spend are the ones that you spend on the cat in the tutorial.

Load up your dollhouse with the highest amount of doll rooms that you can manage so that you can skyrocket your income. Even if some of the dolls don’t have jobs, get them friends and pets and they will still be happy enough to make coins.