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Guide to Tiny Castle for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Tiny Castle is the latest in a long line of construction management and animal raising games by Tiny Co. In this one, you play in a medieval fantasy setting, with the goal being to hatch all kinds of fantasy creatures and rescue the land from the evil queen. In addition to this, a definite exploration element exists as well, allowing you to search through the fog and find various ruins and magical buildings which allow you to unlock even more magical creatures. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tiny Castle!

When you build your farms and find the magic well, you will be able to start up a number of jobs for both of them, each of which costs you coins but earns you food and magic dust. There are short term and long term jobs. The cheapest ones (for the amount of magic dust and food that you earn) are the ones which are 5 minutes long, so if you want to conserve coins, stick to these jobs. If you want to earn food and magic dust as quickly as possible and you play often, stick to the 30 second jobs.

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If you don’t play too often, though, stick to the long jobs, especially the 6 through 11 hour jobs. In this case, not only are the long term jobs very coin-efficient, but all of them will earn you more than enough magic dust and food to last you for quite awhile until you play again.

Don’t worry about uprooting the trees, rocks, and other obstacles early on in the game, because your coins will be better used for many buildings that you will have to build in order to complete quests. Uprooting obstacles can get very expensive, but so can buildings, and usually, the trees, rocks and other things aren’t really in your way. If there is one that is smack in the middle of some open land, though, go ahead and uproot it if you need more room.

For lots of coins, build a second or third Small Sky, Small Forest or even another Small Volcano, fill them with creatures and start collecting coins. Don’t bother with Small Gardens because they only gather a maximum of 200 coins, but the other three homes can earn you thousands of coins at a time maximum before you actually have to collect from them.