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Guide to Lost Island HD (Tiny Tribe) for iOS, part 2: More tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Lost Island HD (Tiny Tribe) tips and tricks guide. Click here to go back to part 1 of the Lost Island HD (Tiny Tribe) strategy guide.

When you are cutting your way to a new location that you can’t access, decide what to cut through by tapping on each piece of debris (trees, weeds, rocks, etc) and doing one cut on it. Then, tap it again before the cut is over, and on the left side of the pop up window it will say “6/15” or some other number. The first number is how many cuts you’ve done and the second number is how many cuts you need to get rid of it, so chop down or dig up the debris that requires the least amount of cuts. Ferns, thorns and other ground plants typically require the least cuts.

As soon as possible, to prevent yourself from getting completely stopped when you run out of water, go to the decorations menu of your shop tab and start building water trees and collectors, and wells when you unlock them. Each one that you build can earn you water every so often, and water is this game’s form of “energy”, so with this trick you can go FAR longer before running out of water.

Set the time ahead on your phone as well in order to decrease the time that it takes to collect more water from the plane, the well, the hot springs, the collector and other areas. After you do your last water collection, set the time ahead by however many hours that you need to, then go back to the game and collect rapidly. Tap the menu button to minimize the game, then double tap the menu button and close the game, then set the time on your phone back to normal, and reopen the game, and you will have kept all of your bonus water.