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Guide to Lost Island HD (Tiny Tribe): Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Lost Island HD (aka Tiny Tribe) is a game that fans of titles such as Robinson for iPhone and the Tribez will enjoy. This game plays out similarly to an iPhone and iPod touch version of the TV show Lost, putting the player in the position of being plane wrecked on an island, with no supplies, having to start from scratch by chopping down trees, hunting animals, and even trading with the locals. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tiny Tribe!

Every so often, a gopher will pop out of the ground on the island, sit there for awhile, and then pop back in to the ground. When you see the gopher, tap it and you will get coins and experience points, but don’t just tap it once, because it doesn’t go back underground right away. Tap it as many times as you can until it goes back underground and you will get loaded up with coins and experience points.

Even though the game is programmed to not let you play if you do the iPhone time cheat, sometimes you can still defeat it and pull the cheat off. If you are waiting for something to be finished happening and you want to speed it up you can use this trick to make it happen if you do it right. Set the time on your phone ahead, and then go back to the game. When whatever needs to get done finishes, a screen should pop up with some extra dialog if you completed a quest, or simply with a reward.

When this screen pops up, immediately close out of the game using the menu button and then go back to the iPhone settings, and set the time back to normal, then go back to the game and everything will be as it normally would have been, aside from whatever extra reward you just earned.

When you are trying to speed up a five minute job, however, it doesn’t really matter whether or not you do this because oftentimes the game won’t notice if you cheat this way.

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