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Lost Island HD (Tiny Tribe) for iOS/Android: Get free water!

Water is the main source of “energy” in Lost Island HD, previously known as Tiny Tribe. Every single action that you do in the game costs water to do, and once you run out of water, you’re pretty much out of luck until you can find away to replenish your water. You can get free water, though, and continue playing the game for as long as your heart desires. Read on to find out how to do just that.

The first place that you can collect water from is the spring, on the left hand side of the map. Each time that you collect, you earn 13 water from the spring. This is a fairly obvious one, though. In addition, each time that you search the airplane, right up until its eventual destruction, you earn bonus water from it.

In addition, each time that you gain an experience level, you will regain six water instantly. As you level up, you will also unlock new decorations from the shop, specifically the Collector, the Spring, the Water Tree, the Well and the Totem. Each one of these can earn you bonus water every so often, and as you continue to level up, you can build multiples of these in order to maximize your water gains.

Each time that you accomplish an achievement, a quest or a finished collection, you’ll gain a number of bonuses, including water. You’ll also gain experience points, which will help you gain water more quickly.

If you want to really speed up your water gains, then after you are done collecting from your well, your spring, and every other structure which awards you with water, then set the iPhone’s time ahead by about 3 hours, go back to the game and the water will all be collected. Shut down the app (don’t minimize the app, CLOSE the app), then set the time back to normal, then reopen the app and you’ll still have all of that extra water that you had just earned.

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