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Megapolis for iOS, Android and Facebook: How to get more water and energy

In the smash hit cross platform city building game Megapolis, you have a definite amount of water and energy at any given time. Neither one is used as these two limiting factors normally are in city building games (as an arbitrary way to keep you from playing the game too often); no, instead, you can have a certain amount of energy and water, as well as current amounts of energy and water that are being used by your buildings. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

Water is acquired by purchasing various types of water towers under the “resources” tab of the store. The resources tab includes a number of water towers, such as the water tower, improved water tower, strengthened water tower, and the modern water tower, each one which provides you with more energy than the last.

Energy is gotten in much the same way except with power plants. In the resources tab, you can build a wind turbine, solar power plant, a thermal power plant, a nuclear power plant 2 or a nuclear power plant. As with the water towers, each subsequent one is more expensive, but provides you with more energy.

You can buy them one of either two ways. You can get them using Megabucks, which is more expensive and is frankly a bad use of megabucks unless you have a ton of them or are hugely impatient. The more patient among us can simply keep gaining experience levels until you unlock each one of the turbines and towers, and then spend the necessary coins to buy each one of them with.

The more social way to go about it, though, is to add a ton of people to your friends list (if you play on a mobile platform you have to connect to Facebook to do this). Once you do that, start adding a ton of other people who play the game (find more of them on the Megalopolis official Facebook page, commenting on posts) and start adding them as neighbors. You can send each other various power plants and water towers as gifts.