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How to play Megapolis for iOS, Android and Facebook (part 2): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 2 of the Megapolis beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

Infrastructure buildings also add to the maximum population of your town. Most of them will earn you a small amount of coins, although some won’t earn you any coins at all. Decorations also add to the maximum amount of population in your town, but other than that, they do a whole lot of nothing except sit there and look pretty.

Each building that you construct requires you to have enough energy and enough water to build it. Your resource buildings will provide those for you, at the cost of being some of the most expensive buildings that you can buy. Various types of water towers will add to the water that you have in your city, while various types of power generators (wind turbines, solar panels, thermal and nuclear power plants), will add to the energy that you have in your city.

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And finally, roads will allow you to connect your buildings in your city together – although in actuality, there is no requirement for any of your buildings to be touching a road in order for them to operate. Expansions will allow you to have more space in your city in which you can construct buildings and decorations.

Outside of the city limits you will find various landmarks and incomplete buildings, such as bridges, sawmills, power plants and a beach. You don’t need to expand out to these areas to build them and to increase either your population cap, water or energy. You can either spend megabucks on them (the premium currency in the game) or buy them with coins. Once you buy them with coins, you will need certain assets in order to complete them.

There are two ways to get these assets. One of them is to buy them using megabucks (which is pointless if you have already spent the massive amount of coins necessary in order to buy them). The other is to ask your neighbors for them. Your two robo-neighbors, Edward and Alice, will send you assets every day if you don’t want to add neighbors.

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