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FarmVille 2 for Facebook: How to get free water

FarmVille 2 is the sequel to the legendary FarmVille, the game that started it all as far as Facebook social games go. In FarmVille 2, there is no longer an “energy” system that arbitrarily limits you from doing pretty much anything in the game. Instead, there is a “water” system, which works similarly to energy, but makes a bit more sense in practice. Water is used to water your crops and your trees, and of course, your crops and your trees are the center of pretty much anything you do in the game. Read on for tips and tricks on how to get more water without having to pay cash!

For those who have just started playing the game, Zynga is being plenty generous, and has decided to give away free water to anyone who plays the game. To go to the page that they’ve set up to give you to free water, go to the following link: . Copy and paste it into your browser to get there, and you will get 5 free water as a reward, but you can only use it once.

The two main ways that water refills in the game are over time (every couple minutes or so, you get one water) and via gaining an experience level (your entire stock of water will refill for free). Once you unlock a well, too, you’ll be able to get 10 free water in one shot every four hours.

If you are getting close to gaining one more experience level, then make sure that you have collected from your water well (recently), then start grinding out those last few experience points (tomatoes, blueberries, feeding chickens etc). Once you gain an experience level, your water well, like everything else, will be ready to harvest once again! Collect from it once you use up at least 10 water, so that you have room for that extra water to be put to use.

You can unlock up to two water wells in the game, so once you unlock your second water well, do the exact same thing as above with both of them.