FarmVille 2 for Facebook: How to get free Farm Bucks

Zynga’s FarmVille 2 may have a whole host of new elements that were not previously present in the original incarnation of FarmVille (or for that matter, any other Zynga games), but there are plenty of traditions that are kept alive in this game. One of them is the use of Farm Bucks as the premium currency, and how frustrating it can be when you don’t have enough of those Farm Bucks, but you want to buy something with them, such as fertilizer, water, or some kind of speed-up for plants. Read on to find out how to get more Farm Bucks for free!

The top way to get free Farm Bucks is to complete various forms of offers, surveys and whatnot. To get to where you can do this, go to the toolbar above the top of the game window and click on the tab that says Offers. Once you get there, scroll through the offers that look good to you, and complete them as you see fit.

To make it easier to find the ones that are actually free, tab over to the Categories area, and then go down to the category that says “free”. All of the offers here are free to complete, and most of them do not require any sort of credit card or other personally identifiable information.

To narrow the free ones down even further, simply go to the “Surveys” or “Free Apps” tabs. The surveys tab will allow you to unlock surveys, and then take surveys in exchange for a reward of Farm Bucks. The Free Apps tab will allow you to download apps for the iPhone or for the Android (all of which are obviously free) in exchange for earning free Farm Bucks.

There are limited ways to get free Farm Bucks without taking surveys or doing offers. Some of the quests that you can complete inside the game will earn you free Farm Bucks, such as the multi-part quests. Later on in the game, when Zynga starts bringing out expansions or offering quests that are based on other Zynga games (such as CastleVille or CityVille), those ones will start being worth more Farm Bucks.