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Guide to Gems With Friends for iOS and Android part 2: More tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Gems With Friends tips and tricks guide. Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

The fastest way to increase your score to high levels is to increase your star bonus, which is a multiplier. If you let too much time go by without making a combo, you’ll lose your star bonus, but if you make a combo within enough time not to lose it, you’ll add another point to the bonus, so if you have the blocks on the board to make a good combo (E.G. two 7’s on the board, and a 7 or a wild card in your hand), add to your star bonus by throwing down a bunch of easy combos (such as 1’s and 2’s) to increase your star bonus first.

The star score is the most important part factor when it comes to getting a massively high score, so do not neglect it, and increase it above all else. This is how you get scores in the 50,000 to 100,000 point range and completely tear apart anybody who you play against.

If you have the clover leaf as a bonus power-up, don’t put all of your 7s down next to each other. Put two of them next to each other, then the next one or two elsewhere (if two, then next to each other as well), wait until you have two wildcards (or two 7s, but two wildcards is more likely), then knock off two combos in two straight moves to add even more to the multiplier.

When the timer is about to be up, each piece that is left over on the board when it runs out is equal to 100 points multiplied by the number on the gem. For example, a number 5 gem will be worth 500 points, and a number 8 gem will be worth 8 points. If you don’t have any star multipliers when time is running down, it’s actually more worthwhile to leave gems behind than it is to try to make gem combinations. Just make sure to leave at least one empty space.

When you’re trying to fill up the empty spaces, too, this is the one time that you don’t have to worry about the star bonus. Make sure to put all of your biggest pieces down first, though, if you do have the star bonus, because the multiplier works not just on combos, but on the points that you receive just for placing a piece, too.

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