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Guide to Star Warfare for iPhone: (part 2) More Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the strategy guide to Star Warfare for the iPhone and for the iPod Touch. Click here to go back to part 1 of the Star Warfare strategy guide.

A great way to rack up a ton of gold, especially once you upgrade your weapons and armor, is to go to any one of the infinite levels and play for as long as you can until you get killed or until you run out of ammunition. Your best bet in these stages is to run around for about 30 seconds initially, running past aliens and trying to get them to follow you. Once you get a good number of them to follow you, turn around and start running either backwards or sideways (or both at the same time), and start firing at them, trying to kill as many of them as possible before you die.

By getting large numbers of aliens to follow after you, it is easier to get a longer bonus combo as well. The longer the bonus combo that you get, the more bonus experience points that you will earn after you finish with the stage, as well as bonus gold. Pick up every energy drop (ammo drop) that you can as well, because you end up getting gold at the end of the stage for that, too.

Make sure that you have enough ammunition before you start a normal stage, because if you run out of ammunition (energy) in the middle of the stage, you are screwed, because there is no hand to hand combat in this game. If you have to, spend ALL of your money on ammunition before you begin the next round.

If you are hard up for gold, but you need some very badly in order to get ammo or weapons upgrades, or anything else, hit the main menu button and then when you get to the opening menu, hit the “Free Mithril” button in the left hand corner of the screen. Once you do, there will be two buttons that say “watch videos for coins”. Start watching videos and for each one that you finish, you will earn 3,000 coins. You can do this for as long as you want to, so you will never really run out of coins.

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