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Guide to the Respawnables for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

The Respawnables is a new third person shooter game by Digital Legends and Zynga for the iOS. Playing much like games such as Star Warfare, this game takes you to the middle of a desert (as well as other areas, which can be downloaded upon playing the game for free) where you and a collection of other players (or other computer controlled shooters) can attack each other in a deathmatch mode, trying to be the ones with the most kills and points. Read on for some tips and tricks for the Respawnables!

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The object is to get the most points, and you get points both by killing another player and by collecting the points that drop from the other player when you kill them. When you notice a firefight going on between two other players, stick around and either kill the other player in the middle of the fight (after the two players have damaged each other) or collect the points that the other player drops before the other one gets the chance to.

Even better, remember where you were if you get shot and killed in the game, and go running back to that area to collect your own points before your rival collects them first. If you do this you will get double the amount of bonus points then you would for collecting someone else’s points.

If you kill someone and you still have ammo left over at the end of the shooting, hit reload immediately afterwards even if your ammo is not empty or even half empty yet. That way, you can have a full clip next time you start shooting at an enemy.

Upgrade your weapon as soon as possible so that you can rack up a lot of kills in a short amount of time. The assault rifle is one of the best weapons that you can upgrade to because you can kill an enemy well before you empty your clip. You can even kill two enemies in one clip if you’re good enough. Just be sure when you’re aiming to wait until the target on an enemy turns red instead of white (red means that the target is locked on, even if you don’t appear to be aiming directly at the enemy)

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