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Galaxy Empire for iPhone: How to get more Dark Matter and Credits

Galaxy Empire is an intergalactic strategy game where you start off with a planet in the solar system of your choosing, on the server of your choice. In Galaxy Empire, there are two different forms of premium currency that you can get in the game. You can get either the dark matter or credits. Both of them will allow you to buy commanders, geologists and other premium officers, as well as power ups and technologies that you can’t buy with anything else. Read on for more information on how to get dark matter and credits!

There are many opportunities to get more dark matter in Galaxy Empire. Almost all of them revolve around finishing quests, but finishing these quests will give you lots and lots of dark matter. There are 26 total quests, and after you finish them, you will have over 40 dark matter that you have gotten entirely for free. Save it and use it wisely.

Quest number 27 involves you inviting a friend to play the game. After you invite them, and they accept your invite, and then complete the first 26 quests, you will get 60 free dark matter. It might be possible to cheat this system, though. There are two different apps in the store, the regular “Galaxy Empire” and the “Galaxy Empire Moon Base”. If you can pull off registering two accounts on the two different apps, then you can use the second account to earn a massive amount of dark matter for the first account.

In addition, you will earn 1 dark matter for every 10 pieces of dark matter that your friend earns, so theoretically, if you invite enough people, it is possible to get an unlimited amount of dark matter.

As far as credits go, there is only one way to get credits in this game, unfortunately, and that is to buy them with real money. You can buy dark matter with real money too. Both of them are available by going to the store and going to the “Charging Station”. You can make your purchases from there.

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