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How to play Galaxy Empire: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Galaxy Empire for the iPhone and the iPod Touch! Galaxy Empire is like a game of intergalactic Stratego, putting you and other players into a big giant universe, each with a planet to call your own, trying to destroy other players’ fleets and take over and colonize as many bases as you can. You can even create moon bases – anything to complete your quest of becoming the most powerful galactic emperor in the universe. And yes, that is ranked in this game! Read on for the beginner’s guide to Galaxy Empire!

While you will get to the battling eventually, the game’s tasks start you off with resource collecting. You can build mines to collect three different resources: Metal, gas, and crystals. The crystal mine goes in the lower left spot in your planet, next to the crystals on the game map. On the upper left corner you can build the metal mine. In the far upper right corner of the screen is where the gas mine goes. The three storages, as well as every other building that you can build, go wherever you want them to.

Each of these buildings can be upgraded almost infinitely. The more you upgrade a mine, the more resources it earns you per hour, and the more you upgrade a storage, the more resources that it can hold. Every single building in the game can be upgraded except for the alliance depot.

All of your mines need energy to run, though. The solar plant, and later, the fusion reactor, are two different types of power plants that you can build to generate energy. You’ll know if you have enough energy to run your town because the number next to the “lightning bolt” at the top of the screen will be green. It will be red if you’re down on energy. Upgrade it to turn it back to green if that is the case.

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