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Galaxy Empire for iPhone: How to get a moon base

If you have been playing Galaxy Empire for long enough, you might have already gotten past all 26 or even 27 of the tasks at hand. You might have already colonized your own outside planet, or even multiple planets. Did you know that you could get a moon, though? You can get a moon in this game, and you can build unique buildings on it that you wouldn’t normally be able to build on any other planet, but oftentimes it’s damn near impossible to figure out how to get a moon. Read on to find out how to get a moon in Galaxy Empire!

A moon base is very important to have in this game, and there is no substitute for the power of a moon – not even having a ton of planets of your very own. There’s almost no guidance on how to get a moon base though, so this guide will tell you all about how to get it.

To get a moon base, you have to engage in a very large battle. It doesn’t matter with whom, it has to be a large battle, with more debris. Every time a battle report comes back after you finish a battle, check the report. At the bottom of the report, it will say the percentage of a chance that you’d create a moon in that battle. If you’re seeing 0%, that just means you aren’t creating enough debris.

Send more and more ships into battle to create more and more debris. The more debris that you make, the higher the chance that it all comes together and becomes a moon for your planet. You also have a shot at getting a moon when someone else attacks you, as long as a huge battle ensues.

To increase your chances of getting a moon base even further, as long as you have the credits to do so and you don’t already have a moon, you can go to the store and buy a Lunar Catalyst, which will cause you to have a 10 percent chance of creating a moon on the planet that you are currently on.

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