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Mechanosaur Hijacks The Moon – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Mechanosaur Hijacks The Moon is a bizarre new endless defense game for mobile platforms. Mechanosaur is the hero in this game; it rides the moon and its goal is to protect the earth at all costs. It does this by moving the moon in the right position to block asteroids from hitting it. If too many asteroids hit the moon, you’re done for. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to get a high score at Mechanosaur Hijacks The Moon!

When you let your finger off of the screen, the moon orbits slowly around the earth. When you put your finger down on the screen, Mechanosaur spins the moon rapidly around the earth. The longer you hold the screen, the longer and faster the moon spins, and the moon will use its gravitational pull to draw the asteroids in to hit it. However, if you spin too far, the asteroids will go around the moon and smash into the earth.

The more you play, the more different asteroids you’ll unlock. Each one gives you eons (your scoring method) when it hits the moon, but the asteroids get tougher and tougher to deal with as you continue to play the game. If you want to make the game easy again and go back to the base asteroids, delete the game and then reinstall it and it will reset.

You can watch a free advertisement video whenever you want, and for the next three rounds, the earth will be able to take four hits instead of three. If you want to get rid of ads and make it so that earth has 4 hit points forever, you can spend a dollar in the IAP store to make that happen, as well. You can still do the game deletion trick, you just have to hit “restore purchase” when you reinstall the game, and you’ll get your bonus back.

More advanced asteroids will give you more eons for knocking them out. For example, the sneaky spiral asteroids will give you three eons instead of one. As you progress through eras in a round, more different types of asteroids will appear, so you will have to be prepared to deal with multiple types all at once, and know what movements you have to make in order to get rid of them.

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You will get bonus points for other stuff that you do in the game as well. For instance, if an asteroid goes inside of the earth’s satellite belt, then you manage to draw it back out and it hits the moon, you will earn extra bonus points for having a near-miss. If you have multiple asteroids hit you at the same time, then you will get a bonus for a multiple hit as well. Rack up the bonuses to make it easy to score a new high eon score.