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Galaxy Empire for iPhone: Attack and Defense Strategies part 1: Attack Strategies

Intergalactic warfare is the name of the game in Galaxy Empire. It can be tough to figure out how to do it correctly, at least at first, but once you master the art of combat, you’ll be able to attack and destroy other fleets with ease, as well as to defend your fleet and your planet against getting attacked and getting raided. Read on to find out how to win with attacks and with defense!

Before you attack, first, you need to scout an enemy planet and figure out who, and what, they have, when it comes to defense, resources and units to go up against you. To do this, send one probe over to the other planet on a scouting mission, and they will return to you with information on what you are going to be up against. Another way to tell is to send one light fighter over there, let it get killed by their troops, and then when you read the battle report it will tell you how many units the other side had.

Once you have that info, now all that you need to do is to use it to win. Ideally, you want to completely overwhelm the enemy with ships. For example, if they have 50 total units, you want to send at least 80 ships, if not 100-200. The more you send over, the more you will get back once the battle is over, generally.

You can normally get away with going one ship class below your enemy if you totally overwhelm them with numbers. Ship classes are (in order from strongest to weakest) Light Fighter, Heavy Fighter, Cruiser, Battleship, Dreadnaught, Destroyer. Bombers are their own thing, because they do very heavy damage to planetary defense units (such as rocket launchers) but not to other ships.

Make sure to upgrade various technologies too in order to maximize the effectiveness out of all of your units. Upgrade Espionage Tech to increase probability that your probes will find all of the info about the enemy planets, and decrease the probability that they will get your info. Increase Weapons, Shielding and Strength tech and each time you upgrade them, the corresponding stat will get a 10 percent boost for all ships. Increasing combustion, impulse and hyperspace drive will speed up your ships.

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