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How to play Dark Summoner: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Dark Summoner for the iPhone and Android! This is a very in-depth, complicated card battling RPG that includes both player vs computer and player vs player modes, as well as a large variety of quests and other activities that you can do in the game. If you are having trouble in certain aspects of the gmae or just have some questions, read on for the FAQ and beginner’s guide to Dark Summoner!

As you start the game off, the tutorial takes you through a good chunk of the basics. The first thing that you will do after you get your card is completing missions. Each time that you undertake a mission, it costs you a certain amount of energy, but earns you a certain amount of experience points as well. You can get to the missions from the “home” tab at the bottom part of the screen, and then hitting the “Mission” button.

Mission areas are divided similarly to Super Mario levels – worlds and levels. World 1, level 2, for example, is written as 1-2. Each world contains 5 levels, and each time you beat a world, you will face a boss character. Boss characters are fought by sending out your front line formation of 5 cards against the boss’s formation of 5, and you and the boss have 5 turns each. Whoever does the most damage in that amount of time is the winner, so pick wisely.

Missions are your bread and butter in this game, but for any mission other than the boss battles, you don’t really need much going on as far as your deck of cards goes. Your deck of cards is FAR more important for dealing with other players, boss characters, and (to some degree) raids. You have an almost endless amount of ways to customize your deck of cards. Click on Summon to go and get new cards using one of the following options.

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