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Galaxy Legend: How to get free credits and cubits

Galaxy Legend is a new RPG offshoot from Galaxy Empire. There’s more story in this one than in Galaxy Empire, since there’s a single player mode in this one, with you as the commander of an imperial fleet who’s chasing down rebel fighters who are launching attacks against civilians to advance their cause. Cubits are the (well, one of the many) primary currency of the game, while credits are the premium currency, the kind that normally has to be purchased in the IAP store. Read on for some tips on how to get more of both!

Normally, you can get cubits from battle. Once you unlock the rush feature, wait until you’re stuck or until you are about to go to bed for the night, then go back to the last battle that you’ve already beaten and line up as many rushes as you can (the maximum times you can rush is equal to the amount of battle supply that you have). This is a very easy way to get a ton of quick cubits. Also, if you get three stars in a battle (you have to actually watch the battle, not rush it), you can earn free credits.

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Your arena has different battle supply than your single-player mode does, meaning that even after you use all of one, you still have some of the other left. Go to the arena and battle players who are lower in experience level or in force than you, and you’ll win easily, allowing you yet another way to get cubits. This will improve your arena rank too, and both cubits and credits are part of the arena rewards package.

Any time that you earn Dexter coins (which are most often found in the daily rewards, or as arena prizes), go to Dexter’s slots and use them to spin. Cubits are a frequent prize at the slots. Credits are far more rare, but you can earn major credit prizes here. Also, utilize the mines for extremely high amounts of cubits.

Collect on all of your rewards (daily rewards, level rewards, quest rewards, etc). They’re all linked off of the icon list in the upper right corner of the screen, near where you can find Dexter’s icon. You’ll load up on cubits extremely quickly, and oftentimes you’ll earn credits as well.

Go to the Event section (the upper middle right icon that is always in orange, right below the robot icon) and tab over to activity, and check out the events that are going on. Participate in them for a chance to load up on free credits and cubits. Also, upgrade your citadel as high as possible to collect more free cubits from it.