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Galaxy Legend Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 3

Welcome to part three of the Galaxy Legend beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

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One extra feature of the formation is the ability to change special attacks for each of your ships. As they level up, more special attacks will be unlocked, and when you unlock more special attacks, you can add a whole new dimension to the in game strategy. Some attacks can hit multiple enemies at once, while others do a ton of damage to one single enemy. Still other commanders are of the “protector” variety, and their special moves will be used to shield other ships from damage.

Even aside from the Main Console menu, there are a ton of buttons to press on the screen, and many of them will simply earn you free rewards. Tapping on your avatar will allow you the option to purchase VIP mode, which you earn as a bonus by purchasing a certain number of credits. Tapping on the clipboard icon allows you to earn rewards for daily tasks, fleet tasks or experience level milestones. The Dexter icon (kind of looks like Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory, ironically) allows you to play in Dexter’s slots, the mine area, or engage in battle training, or the mysterious Primus.

The top right menu button opens up the daily prizes, your game mail, the game’s force rankings, or the latest news and events. The robot picture will open the current main quest that you have to complete, or if you have completed it, click the robot to collect your bounty. The orange icon that looks like a small galaxy will show you the event activity that is going on at the moment that you can participate in for prizes. It will also allow you to claim even more prizes such as sign-in bonuses, VIP rewards, activity rewards and experience level rewards.

The dollar sign icon contains a random offer that you can buy in the in app purchase store, which will contian a package of cubits, tech points, supply packs, Dexter coins, and some other bonus such as a commander or some free credits, or a VIP upgrade. Finally, the radar icon will (of course) take you to the single player mode.

In the single player mode, tap on any ship to attack, or tap on anything that looks like a caution sign (triangle with an exclamation mark) to search it for rewards, such as cash, prestige and experience. Oftentimes the caution signs will be unknown fleets that you can either let leave or attack them. You will earn rewards either way.

That’s about it for Galaxy Legend! Enjoy the game!