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Galaxy Legend – How to enhance and evolve your equipment, and how to get VIP status

In Galaxy Legend, you can use the engineering hub to either enhance your weapons and armor, or to evolve them. Enhancing them will increase their attack or defense a little bit, but evolving them will increase their attack or defense greatly, as well as cut their level in half which will allow you to enhance them even further. VIP mode gives you all kinds of goodies, such as allowing you to get quark without trading in lepton, getting more Arena supply and battle supply, and eliminating cooldown times for construction and other areas of the game. Read on for a guide on enhancing and evolving your equipment and getting VIP mode!

In order to enhance your equipment, go to the engineering hub and go to the enhance area. You will be able to enhance equipment once for each lit up arrow that shows up in the hub. Each enhancement that you do will darken one arrow, and when you run out of light arrows, then you won’t be able to enhance anymore. As time goes by, the arrows will light up again, averaging about one arrow every five minutes. Each enhancement costs cubits. To enhance your equipment even further, upgrade your engineering hub

Evolving your equipment is a whole different matter. In order to evolve your equipment, you have to have the correct blueprint. Blueprints can only be acquired by completing elite challenges in the conservatory. Every elite challenge that you beat will earn you a brand-new blueprint, even if you have already beaten that challenge at some point before.

Once you have the blueprint, go to the item menu and look at the blueprint to see what the required player level is. You need to have the right player level in order to be able to go through with the evolution; if your level is not high enough, go battle some more and gain experience points until you gain levels. Afterwords, go to the evolution screen, scroll through all of the equipment that your fleet has equipped, and find one that you are eligible to pull off. Hit the evolution button, and you will be charged cubits, as well as spend the blueprint that you have, but the piece of equipment will be evolved. It’s specific attribute (atk, def, s-atk, s-def, etc) will be greatly enhanced, and the equipment level will drop in half. Equipment can be evolved multiple times as long as you have the right blueprints and player levels.

Getting VIP privileges can only be done in one of two ways. The main way is that you need to buy credits via the in app purchase store. Depending on the number of credits that you purchase, your VIP level will go higher and higher. You can get up to a VIP level of 12. The other way to improve your VIP level is to tap on the “$” icon on your main base screen, and purchase the offer that is contained within. Purchasing this offer will usually improve your VIP level by one.