Galaxy Legend – How to earn more leptons, quarks, and battle supply

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In Galaxy Legend, you are able to recruit as many commanders as you want for your ships. However, you will need leptons and quarks in order to do this. Leptons are used to recruit the standard commanders, while quarks are used to recruit the elite commanders, who are statistically superior to standard commanders. Battle supply is required in order to engage in battles, whether in single player mode or in Arena mode. Read on to find out how to get more leptons, quarks, and battle supply!

In order to more Leptons, first, you need to have already unlocked the celestial portal. Once you get the celestial portal, you will be able to use warp energy to convert cubits to leptons. You will get one free try at the warp portal per day; after that, you will need to spend 20,000 cubits in order to activate the portal. It’s highly recommended to continue charging the portal at least once or twice, in exchange for 2000 cubits each time.

The trick to getting more leptons is simply to earn more cubits. Make sure to upgrade your citadel as high as you possibly can, and collect from it as often as possible. In addition, use the rush feature in single player battles in order to earn quick cubits, and be sure to constantly check your daily rewards and your quest rewards. Play Dexter’s slots as often as possible in order to earn some quick free cubits.

To earn more quarks, go to the celestial portal, and start converting your cubits into leptons. After you get enough leptons, you will be able to convert them into quarks. You will be able to convert 1000 leptons at a time into 100 quarks, so even though it will take you a while to pull off, you can convert enough leptons into quarks that you will be able to recruit at least one elite commander from the portal.

Once you run out of battle supply, usually, you need to wait for it to regenerate. However, oftentimes you will earn rewards that consist of items that restore your battle supply. Use these judiciously. In addition, every day you will earn daily rewards, and part of this is five extra battle supply at anytime. Plus, at any time you can spend 100 credits in order to earn 10 battle supply.

Battle supply in the arena mode is completely separated from battle supply in the single player mode and the elite challenge mode. The only way to earn back your battle supply in the arena is to spend 100 credits in order to earn 10 battle supply.

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