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Galaxy Legend Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Galaxy Legend is a new strategy RPG for the iOS and Android by Tap4Fun, creator of the famous Empire trio. While it’s not necessarily billed as a sequel to the underground MMO strategy hit Galaxy Empire, there is no denying that there are similarities between the worlds of the two games. Galaxy Legend takes on more of a single-player focus than Galaxy Empire did, but it has enough MMO elements to keep it interesting, such as the arena mode. Read on for some tips and tricks for Galaxy Legend!

You start off the game with a whole bunch of features locked, basically turning it into an extended tutorial. Keep playing in the single player mode, defeating pirates and ranking up, and you will quickly be able to unlock these features, as well as to earn more ships, spots in the formation, and the ability to strategize.

Strategizing is important. As you power up, you’ll unlock new special attacks. Since the fleets that you battle against will grow larger and larger, it’s generally recommended to equip special attacks which target more than one enemy at a time. If you are stuck on a battle, go back to old battles and fight them again in order to power up your ships.

Every time that the upper right icon glows orange on the main screen, that means that you have rewards to collect. They aren’t just daily, either; they tend to happen very frequently, they increase as you rank up, and the quicker that you collect them, the faster more awards end up showing up.

Set up your formation so that your special attacks can target the maximum amount of enemies at the same time. You can change your formation on the fly in single player mode, but not in the arena. Try to take note of the setups that other players use most frequently in the arena, and then change your formation around to attack as many of their ships as possible. Also, order your formation so that you can avoid opponents’ multi attacks.

Whenever you are in the single player mode and you see a ship that you can either pursue or renounce, don’t worry too much about the choice, because nothing bad happens either way. Attacking them will essentially engage you in a normal battle, while renouncing them will allow you to search the area for bonuses, just like searching space debris.

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