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Galaxy Legend – top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats, part 2

Welcome to the top five tips and cheats for Galaxy Legend! Click here to go back to part one of the top 10 tips and cheats guide.

5) Play old boss battles over and over again to earn more credit!
After you beat boss battles, usually, you will earn credits, which are the premium currency in this game. If you go play a boss battle again, often times you will earn credits even if you have beaten it before. Use the rush function in order to make this happen much faster.

4) After you hit level 30, build the Galactonite Center to power up your feet massively.
Equipping Galactonite on your ships will increase their force rating massively. Even better, you can discharge Galactonite for Galactonite energy, and then use that energy to power up your existing Galactonite before you equip it, which will make your fleet that much more powerful. You can equip one Galactonite per ship.

3) Use your celestial portal to get new commanders.
After you unlock the celestial portal, which will be around level 20, you will be able to recruit new commanders by spending either leptons or quarks. Go there and use the warp energy to turn your cubits into leptons, which will enable you to get new commanders for your fleet. Sometimes, you can even recruit new commanders before the pop up in the storyline.

2) Save your leptons and convert them into quarks in order to get the rare commanders.
Rare commanders are far stronger than standard commanders, who can be recruited using leptons. Save up your leptons instead, because you can convert 1000 leptons into 100 quarks, and recruiting an elite commander costs 300 quarks. It may take longer to get a rare commander, but saving up for them is worth it.

1) Play the slots and the mine as often as possible to earn huge rewards.
Every day you will earn dexter coins, which will allow you to play the slots. Plus, after a certain period of time, after you play the mine, you will be able to mine again. Play the slots and you will earn a ton of tech points, plus other possible rewards, including credits, cubits, battle supply, and prestige. Play the mine, and you will have to beat another player for the mine prizes, so make it easy by battling a player whose force level is lower than yours in order to take over their spot in the mine.

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