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Galaxy Legend: How to earn more tech points and prestige

Galaxy Legend is the semi sequel to the game Galaxy Empire, both of which were produced by Tap4fun. In Galaxy Legend, you rank up as you progress through the game. Your rank is increased when you earn Prestige. Tech Points are what you used to upgrade your entire fleet at the same time. Upgrading your whole fleet is done in the research center, and without the necessary tech points, you won’t be able to upgrade them. Read on to find out how to get more Tech Points and Prestige!

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You can load up on the tech points when you play in Dexter’s slots. Every day, as a daily reward, you will earn dexter coins. Take these coins over to Dexter’s slot machine and you will be able to take spins on the slots. Every time that you don’t make a match, you will earn tech points.

In addition, every time that you win in an Arena battle, you will earn attack points as a reward. Make sure to fight players that are a lower level than you when you go to the arena, in order to make it an easy win. Use up all of your battle supply in the arena, and you will come out with a whole lot more tech points then when you entered.

Prestige is mainly earned in the single player battles that you will fight in. Mostly, it will be the boss battles that turn you prestige; however, some of the normal fights will earn you prestige as well. Use the rush function, and rush the boss battles, and you will have a chance at earning some quick prestige points.

Prestige can also be picked up from the various debris sources that appear after you finish a battle. This is especially true for the areas in which you decide whether to allow an unknown fleet to run, or whether you choose to engage them in battle. Oftentimes if you allow them to flee, you will find prestige when you search the area that they left behind. This is actually one of the best prestige sources in the entire game.

Just like with tech points, you also have a chance to earn prestige when you play Dexter’s slot machine. However, the chances are far more slim for prestige points, and you basically have to make an exact match in order to earn prestige points. Keep at it though, and eventually you will earn enough prestige points that you can increase in rank.