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Galaxy Legend Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Galaxy Legend beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

There are even more buildings that you can unlock as you go. The Celestial Portal will allow you to trade your cubits for lepton and quark. Lepton can then be used to recruit more commanders. Each commander comes with their own ship. Lepton can also be converted to quark, at a rate of 1,000 lepton to 100 quark. Quark can then be used to recruit rare, elite commanders, with far better attack and defense properties.

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The research facility will allow you to complete research on attack, e-attack, s-attack, defense and s-defense, among other things, which will then be applied to your entire fleet. Research is applied by using Tech Points, which are a currency that is specific to only that building. The construction yard will allow you to heal your ships after they have been damaged in battle, in exchange for cubits. The Galactonite Center, which can be unlocked quite a bit later in the game, will allow you to make and equip galactonite, which will greatly increase your fleet’s force (individual overall battle rating) in battle. The more force, the stronger your fleet.

The Main Console menu (at the bottom right corner of the screen) contains tons of extras as well. The fleet menu is where you manage your fleet, or if you tab over to prestige, you can see your rank, and see how many prestige you need in order to rank up. Increasing your rank will allow you to put more ships in your active fleet, as well as have more formation spots available, which can help with strategy. Enhance takes you to the Engineering Hub, while Formation allows you to arrange your default battle formation (which can be changed before each battle).

Arena allows you to battle against other players in exchange for ratings. Friends allows you to add people, while alliance allows you to either join an alliance or to start one of your very own. Settings should be self explanatory.

The way the arena works is that you will be able to pick from six different fights, although the arena champion will also permanently be someone you can choose to battle. Your six battle choices are picked by experience level and rank in the arena – the lower the rank number, the better their rank, with 1 being the best rank of all. When you battle and beat someone, you steal their rank.

Tap on the Rewards menu to gather different bonus rewards that you earn from breaking into a certain arena rank category (such as top 400, top 300, etc). Formation will allow you to pick an arena-specific formation, separate from your single-player mode default formation.

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