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Star Warfare 2: Payback – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Star Warfare 2: Payback is a new first person shooter for the iOS and Android platform. You can play in single player modes, co-op multiplayer modes, or countless varieties of competitive multiplayer modes, so this game has something for just about everyone. You can complete quests, try to dominate other players, or simply farm for loot to your heart’s content. Read on for some tips and tricks for Star Warfare 2: Payback!

You have a ton of different choices as far as upgrades go, but you have to unlock them by leveling up or by completing various levels. If you haven’t unlocked them yet but you need to get stronger, power up your existing weapon or (if applicable) armor instead (such as a shield or a bag). The upgrade will typically cost less than a new weapon, and the power improvements will make a huge difference in your luck on a stage.

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There are multiple different weapons, such as shotguns, assault rifles, and RPGs. You have to figure out what works best for you. Generally, though, switch to the shotgun to take out large groups of smaller enemies quickly, and switch to RPGs when you need to take out smaller groups of large enemies. The boss characters are best taken out with assault rifles.

If you need to farm for loot, the game gives you a ready-made way to do so, with the endless stages. You will get zero experience points for doing so, but you’ll gain gold for every enemy you kill (and of course, for every coin drop that you pick up). Then, if you need to gain quick experience levels, switch to multiplay and engage in deathmatch or other competitive play.

As you buy more upgrades, get ready for Heroic matches and quests, because these, while far tougher, give FAR more rewards than the normal quests and the normal endless mode do. Once you are strong enough to deal even just a little bit with endless mode on heroic, it will be more lucrative and less boring than the standard mode.

Register for an account with the game and you will be able to play every stage with one player’s hero side by side with you as a companion. Otherwise you will have to go it alone every time.