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SkillTwins Football Game – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

SkillTwins Football Game is a new game for the iOS platform starring the SkillTwins, twin YouTube street footballers with serious footwork skills. Your goal in this game is to use a combination of tricks, defender evasion and shooting to rack up the highest scores possible. You can customize your characters, earn new outfits, as well as coins and gems, and even unlock new tricks as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for SkillTwins!

The most important thing to remember for a high score is to get the combo bonus and to stretch it out for as long as possible. Do this by keeping a combo going and running as you keep it going. Run through slaloms and juke defenders to score even higher point totals. You have to do different tricks each time in order to keep the combo going; if you do the same trick twice you will lose the combo.

Look at the skill book to see how to do all of your tricks. Then mix the tricks up. You won’t know how to do any of the tricks except for the tutorial ones unless you look at the skill books and even in the tutorial, some of the directions are wrong, so you will have to look at the book in order to see what the right directions are.

You will earn an average of 30 gems per star that you earn on a level so go back to old levels for more gems if you run out of new levels to take on. Go to the store in the game and one of the things that you can purchase is new tricks. The Rainbow is a great trick to mix into the repertoire and scores you by far the most points out of any of the tricks, so mix it in for a number of easy three-stars.

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Run out of energy? If you did, then all you need to do to get free energy immediately is to go to the date and time settings for the game, and then set the time ahead by an hour or two. Then go back to the game and play again. Or you can play practice versions of any level so that you can take on the level without running afoul of the energy meter.

Coins are mainly spent on new outfits, new balls, and new looks in general, such as new hair color, for your players. None of these change the gameplay at all, they are more about personalization. The diamond purchases, which are the new tricks, are the ones that are of the most use, so buy those whenever you have the gems to do so.