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Battle Camp Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Battle Camp! Battle Camp is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms that will be familiar to fans of Puzzle and Dragons and other match-three puzzle RPGs, but Battle Camp has far more unique features and hilarious dialogue than the mess of clones that’s all over the app stores. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Battle Camp!

When you first begin the game, you start out in the camp area, with a little bit of direction given by Penny (the wisecracking penguin), but for the most part you are left to fend for yourself. After the tutorial, you will have a full monster team so you will be ready to immediately begin battling. Tap on any of the monsters to begin a battle.

Within the battle, you have many different colored tiles. You can move one tile per turn in order to make a match of three or more – however, you can drag that tile all over the screen, displacing other tiles as you go, which can enable you to make huge matches, or to make 2 or more matches in the same turn for a combo damage bonus.

The various colored tiles correspond with various monster elements, and each element has its strengths and weaknesses. Water beats fire, fire beats plant, and plant beats water. Earth and wind are strong against each other, and every element is weak against the same type of element. Tap the triangle icon in the upper right corner of the battle screen any time that you need a reminder.

Every time that you make more than one match in one turn, you will earn an extra combo damage bonus for every match that you make (or for the heart blocks, which restore your hit points, an equivalent restore bonus will occur). A combo of two provides 20% more damage, a combo of 3 provides 40% more damage, and for every further match that you add to the combo, you add another 20% to the bonus damage. So if you can manage to make a seven match combo, you’ll have a 120% bonus.

Each battle that you fight uses one energy. The way to restore energy is to either wait for it to come back, or to gain an experience level for a full energy restoration. Of course, if you get impatient you can always buy more energy using gold, the premium currency of the game. Facebook can help in that area, too – if you have friends who play the game, you can ask them for energy, and send them energy in return.

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