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Guide to Gems With Friends for iOS and Android: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Gems With Friends is the newest game in the “With Friends” franchise by Zynga. This variation on the tried and true “match three” concept plays much like such titles as Triple Town and Dragon Town, where you have a whole bunch of gems that you can place, between levels 1 and 9 (for points), and matching 3 of them turns 3 gems into a higher-level gem (three level-1 gems turn into level 2, etc). There are some strategies that can help you beat up on your friends in this game, so read on to find out what they are!

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Make sure that you do all of your free spins, as often as possible, in order to earn as many coins as possible. In addition, after you do all of your free coin spins, instead of waiting for the spins to regenerate, start messing with the time on the iPhone and you have a good chance of shortening your required waiting time for a spin to regenerate. You might shorten it or stretch it out (it’s random), but if you stretch it out, you can always shorten it again. It’s pretty random as to how it goes.

Once you do get a shorter time, though (especially a way shorter time), let the time be until the spin regenerates, play the spin, and then switch the time back to normal, or start trying the whole roulette again and again to get a load of quick spins.

When your time is getting close to running down (10 seconds out is a good rule of thumb), start dropping gems all over every single space in the board. You’ll get a huge point boost at the end of the stage when gems start popping for points. Always be sure to leave at least ONE space open, though, because if all of the spaces fill up, then the entire board will reset.

Use the board resetting to your advantage, though, especially when you get a great power up such as the lucky clover or the golden multiplier. Start throwing gems all over the place (make sure to try to keep 2 big gems together, such as 7s through 9s, though) and try to go for the clover or multiplier, simply throwing out all of the crap gems. Or when you begin the game with an excellent combo setup on the board, just try to fill up the board to reset it.

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