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Running With Friends by Zynga: How to get more gems, stars and experience points

Running With Friends for iOS is, surprisingly, the first truly social endless running game. You would think someone would have come up with the idea by now, but Zynga is actually the first company to merge the Subway Surfers style of running with the Words With Friends style of sending games back and forth to each other. Gems are the main currency in Running With Friends. Stars are combined with meters to determine your score in each round, and experience points help you gain levels and unlock new bonuses. Read on to find out how to get more of all three of these in Running With Friends!

Gems is what everybody wants more of, because gems are the only currency in Running With Friends. They allow you to buy more boosts before you begin the stage, and they allow you to continue running a stage even after you crash and lose. They are also helpful because they can get you more new avatars, so that you can change your style any time that you want to.

To get more gems, simply play as many rounds as you can. If you don’t have many Facebook friends who play the game yet, play with random people by using the Smart Match button. There is no limit to how many Smart Matches you can do, so keep doing them. You can delete the matches later if you want to stop playing with them. You earn 50 gems for playing round one, 100 for round 2 and 150 for round three and hundreds of gems for gaining one experience level (more gems for a higher level).

To get more stars, collect them when you are in the stage, and slide through every breakable object that you can. Jump and bounce off of the bulls as often as possible. And finally, use the boosts, because many of the boosts will give you 100 stars when you break a hay bale, a box, or a barrel or some other breakable item that normally only gives you ten stars. Also, take the shortcuts (an arrow leading off to the side of the stage will show you where they are) and look for the giant stars, which are good for 1,000 stars each.

To get more experience points, read two paragraphs up. Play more games to get more experience points. Use the smart matches as often as you’d like in order to maximize the amount of experience that you can earn. In addition, you can get more gems AND stars by spelling out a word using the random letter tiles that you collect in the stage.