Running With Friends Tips and Tricks Guide, part 3: Even More Hints, Cheats, Strategies, Hacks and Help

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Welcome to part 3 of the Running With Friends tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

Recently, Running With Friends was updated by Zynga, adding a new power up that can greatly increase your score. If you see what looks like a letter tile, but has a bull’s head on it (it looks like a picture of a Longhorns logo), grab it right away. Doing this will allow you to ride a bull for quite awhile. When you’re riding the bull, you can still swipe from side to side, but nothing will be able to stop you, so try to destroy everything that you possibly can to maximize the amount of stars that you earn.

The further you get into a stage, the more difficult the stage will get. You’ll have to start avoiding bulls running right at you, barrels and boxes full of TNT, bulls riding on motorcycles, and buses coming in your direction. When you see buses, though, try to jump on top of them, and jump from bus to bus. Often, you’ll find a giant star (worth 1,000 stars) on top of a bus. This is, in fact, the most common place to find giant stars outside of the shortcut alleys.

If you see fireworks that you can ride, ride all of the ones that you come across, too (they look like the red, cartoony Looney Tunes fireworks). At the end of a string of fireworks, you’ll almost always find a giant star that you can collect.

Sometimes, the game won’t read your swipes to the side if you swipe too quickly, which is extremely frustrating because it can run you right into a wall. Slow down your swipe, though, and the game will read it every single time. Swiping too quickly is what causes the game not to read your swipes.

To get to the top of the leaderboard amongst your friends, you have to run as far as you can in one round, and one round only. Your best round will count towards your leaderboard – all of the rest of them will be thrown out. Your stars and meters are combined into your total score for that one round, though.

If you want to challenge your friends for the top of the leaderboard, go for as many spins as you can and as many revives as you can, all in the same round. It will cost a lot of gems, but you can earn more gems by playing more rounds without using either spins or revives.

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