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Pocket Village Tips and Tricks Guide (iOS): Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Pocket Village is a new city building game by Wooga for the iPhone and other iOS devices, and is the first Wooga game to be an iOS exclusive (previously, Wooga did entirely Facebook games). Pocket Village is one of the few city building games not to have the annoying energy metric – instead, you can play for as long as you want. You can build houses, workshops, crafting buildings, community buildings and decorations. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wooga’s Pocket Village!

While there is no energy metric, sometimes the game can get slow when you’re waiting for a new area to be fully explored or for construction on a new building to be finished. Without the following cheat, it can get slow, but do this cheat and it will be quick.

Go to the settings menu on your iPhone (or whatever you happen to be playing the game on) and then go to the date and time settings. Set the time ahead by however much time you need to complete the structure that you need to finish, plus a few extra minutes. Then, go back to the game and the structure will be complete. Best of all, if you set the time back to normal afterwards, everything will stay normal in the game.

Each time that you unlock new houses, do what it takes to max out your number of houses by any means possible. Clear off all of the resources and move buildings closer together if you need more room for that. And don’t worry about putting them next to the road, as it’s not necessary. Plus, you can move your resource plants around as well if they are blocking things.

Minerals, trees, berry plants and other things regenerate after you cut them down, so if you’re out of resources and sick of waiting for them to come back, you can use the time trick to make them regrow more quickly, as well. If you want berries and other unlockable sources of resources to regenerate in a different area, move the plant/item and then cut it down after you move it.