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Guide to Cloud Village for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Cloud Village is a new farming and city building game for anyone who likes something a little lighter (no pun intended). The cast of characters consists of Cloud Mother and the cloudlings who have had to leave their old village behind, so now you help them build a new village, complete with houses, decorations, greenhouses, farms and more. Read on to find out some tips and tricks for Cloud Village!

Oftentimes, completing a house or another building can take an extremely long time, but there is a way to defeat the traditional 2 hours you have to weight for a house to be build, or whatever time it takes to build any other building in the gmae. Simply go to the settings on your phone (not in the game, but on your device itself), then go to the date and time settings. Once there, set the game ahead by however much time you need to cut off, then go back to the game and finish up the task.

Once you are done collecting everything or opening buildings, you can go back to the date and time and set it back to normal. This trick works for anything that you can grow in the farm plots, as well. If you don’t collect first, however, and you set the time back to normal without collecting, the object or crop will go back to its normal time once you go back to the game.

If you accidentally wilt one of your crops, do this trick in reverse and set the time backwards enough so that you can make the crop look good again. In addition, to play the greenhouse game for even longer than you normally would be able to, set the time backwards while you’re in the middle of a game (or set it forwards, then start the game, then turn it back to normal).