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Guide to Happy Street for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Happy Street is a brand new construction management game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. In this game you play as a young guy who wants to build a village, and together, along with the slightly sleazy businessman named Pepin who sees your village as a money making opportunity. Together, the two of you build up the village, go into business and grow the village as big as it can be, and as rich as it can be. Read on for some tips and tricks for Happy Street!

As you may know, if you tap enough vehicles to stop them, and collect enough hearts, you are able to have a Fiesta, which will cause all of the characters in your village to start spending massive amounts of money in your shops. The game says to have a fiesta after restocking all of your shops, but you can have it right away. Simply zoom out so that you can see all of your shops at once, and restock them as soon as they run out of goods.

To speed up anything in this game that you have to wait for (such as finishing construction, finishing cooking Cider at Nyok’s house in the forest, or waiting so that you can get a free spin at the Lucky Spin again), simply go to your iPhone settings and set the time ahead by however much time you need to finish a task or to get another free spin. Go back to the game after you do this, and you will be able to spin again, and all tasks that you need to finish, will be done.

Look around on the ground in the forest to find random supplies you need to cook more advanced dishes, such as mushrooms, golden tulips, and toadstools. Also, tree stumps will grow back into trees over time, so you don’t need to plant trees every time you want wood – just wait awhile or set the time ahead to make them come back.

The Happiest Street: Your free FULL guide to Happy Street for iPhone!