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Happy Street for iPhone: How to get free Flooz and coins

In Happy Street for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, your goal is to build up your own little street-village, complete with everything from houses to shops. As you build and upgrade, more residents move into your town, and each resident spends money at your shops, so the more residents and shops you have, the more money you make. Coins are the primary currency, and Flooz is the premium currency. Read on to find out how to get more of both, without having to spend a single dime of your own money to do so.

Getting more coins is simple. Of course, the main way to get more coins is to build businesses, keep them restocked, and to let the residents of your street shop at them. You can do a few things to maximize your coin output, though. One is to make sure that you put shops close enough to houses so that all of the houses’ residents are happy. You’ll know when they aren’t happy because they will walk around with sad looks on their faces and worse, not spending money at all!

Also, place businesses strategically next to decorations, the Forest Gate, and even other businesses in order to get higher payout bonuses. One suggested business position is to place a fruit stand, lucky spin and flower cart right next to each other (in that order). Also, collect wood over time and upgrade your houses ASAP in order to maximize the number of residents at your houses (AKA: more people to spend money). And use your fiestas as often as possible.

Getting free flooz can be done one of a few ways. One of the ways to get free flooz is simply to complete the missions that are listed in the upper left corner of the screen (that you find more of by talking to any of your characters with a question mark over his head). Another way to do so is to gain levels (which always earns you free flooz for doing so) and to play the Lucky Spin game as often as possible. You earn rewards every time you play it, but you can also mess with the time on your iPhone to earn a free token immediately. If it takes 5 hours to earn a free token then set the time at least 5 hours ahead, and you will end up with a free token. Spend ’em all!