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Happy Street for iPhone: How to get more experience points and upgrade your houses and businesses

In Happy Street, upgrading your businesses means that they will earn you more Coins. Upgrading your houses means that you can move another resident into the house, meaning that you have more different people to shop for more goods, which, just like upgrading your businesses, earns you more coins – albeit in a more roundabout kind of way. Either way, both of them help out to such a degree that they can both be considered essential to the game. Read on to find out how to do all of the above, as well as to gain experience points!

There are a few main ways to gain experience points in the game. One of them is to restock a business whenever it gets low. This means, of course, that the fastest way to gain experience points is to have a lot of businesses, because the more businesses that you have to restock, the more experience points you can potentially earn.

In addition to that, you can also build new buildings and buy new expansions in order to get more experience points. Oh, and complete all kinds of missions. The single biggest thing, though, is to have LOADS of Fiestas. Tap every single vehicle that comes by. Every time the bus station is ready to be activated again, activate it and then tap the bus to get a heart added to your heart meter. Blow through as many Fiestas as possible as fast as you can.

To upgrade your houses and businesses, they need to be ready for an upgrade, and you need to have the supplies needed in order to do so. To prepare a business for upgrade, it simply needs to be shopped at and restocked until its own experience indicator is full. Tap the businesses and it will say “Next level in XX Restocks”, with XX being the number of restocks that it needs to be ready. Tap the house, and it will tell you what level the inhabitants need to be at for another upgrade. Now go tap the inhabitants, and it will tell you how many experience points they need for their next level. Each experience point is gained by entering a shop, which the resident does on their own.

Now, once a house or business is ready, simply have enough coins and wood, and you will be able to tap it and upgrade it. Speed it up by messing with the time in the iPhone settings, if you wish to cheat.


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