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Guide to Restaurant Story: World Games – Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Restaurant Story: World Games is a new game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. As some may know, this is the sequel to the original smash hit game Restaurant Story, but in the World Games version, your restaurant is in the middle of an athletic town where your streets are running tracks with hurdles, and your customers are usually athletic. You can even cook dishes that are themed after the events in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Read on for some tips and tricks to Restaurant Story: World Games!

In this game, just like in many of the other World Games games, you can do the iPhone time cheat; however, it doesn’t work quite as well. To do the iPhone time cheat, go to the settings, and date/time, and then set the time ahead by however much time you need to make something happen (such as finishing cooking a dish). You need to set it ahead by about 1 minute for every 30 seconds that you want to cut off of the in game time, though, and you need to shut down the app when you do this trick, and then re-open it. If you don’t, the game will glitch until you restart it, such as your restaurant disappearing, or missions disappearing.

When there are no missions, simply start buying tables, chairs and counters, and loading them up with food that you cook, trying to make money, so that you can buy even more stuff in the “design” tab. After you gain a few levels by doing this, missions will start showing up that you can complete for extra money and gems, and experience.

Happiness, which is represented by the number next to the smiley face, will only increase or decrease when the app is open. If you are cooking something that takes a long time to cool, and your counters are empty, then shut down the app until it is done, unless you have extra stoves to make French Toast or Omelettes, which are quick. However, if you counters are loaded, leave the app open to let happiness increase.