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Chef Town – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Chef Town is nanobit’s new take on the restaurant builder genre, similar to games such as ChefVille and Restaurant Story. You start off with a tiny little restaurant with two tables and one soup stove, and as you get more popular and grow you can expand, cook more food, seat more customers and expand into a Cheesecake Factory-esque monolith. Read on for some tips and tricks for Chef Town!

Space can run out fairly quickly in your restaurant, but by purchasing more walls and tile you can expand, or you can simply save the money and expand outwards into the grassy areas with all of your other equipment, from the stove to the tables and chairs. Sell any decorations that you don’t need, too.

however, make sure to keep your restaurant stations fairly organized. Keep the tables and chairs as close to the appliances as possible, because the farther apart they are, the farther the waiter will have to walk in order to serve the customers, which makes each meal take far longer to serve. Make sure the tables are close to the doors so customers don’t have too far to walk, as well.

To keep your restaurant selling food for a long time, cook loads of the quick food, such as the onion soup. If there is already the same type of food on the counter (such as onion soup again), then stack the new food on top of the old food to add servings to what is already there. Add many hundreds or even thousands of servings per counter tile to keep it busy for a long time.

Keep looking around for new areas that you can expand to. They typically contain either new appliances or new methods of cooking. If you don’t have enough cooking stars to expand, go to your current appliances and look for the foods that can be starred the quickest, cook them, serve them and then try expanding again.

Set all of your stoves to the long term jobs right before you are about to sign offline for the night (or for the day) and let them cook items that take forever, such as the Ratatouille. Focus on that before going offline, and do the short jobs while you are playing actively.

Complete the quests and gain experience levels in order to earn free gems. If you want to get more recommendations, save up your gems and buy the premium items that are notated as having recommendations with them. Either that, or level up so that you can unlock more premium items, which themselves usually come with recommendations and only cost coins rather than gems.

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